Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Change your interaction with light, Forever. Osram Lightify : ORDER NOW from The Led Specialist

Osram Lightify: 'The Connected Future of Lighting'

We are seeing more and more Wifi lamps and systems that are making our home lighting much more connected and colourful but this Osram Lightify seems to create the most connected lighting system yet, with a variety of lamps and luminaries, from GLS to strip tape, GU10 to garden lighting. This is truly the future in connected lighting. 

The Lightify app is completely free and can be installed on smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to control the networked Lightify lamps, luminaries, strips and garden lights individually or in different groups in your home and garden. To start you just need to install the app and purchase a starter kit; which consists of a Lightify Gateway and an LED GLS Lightify lamp.

This Lightify will allow you to explore and discover entirely new lighting possibilities. lighting in your home can now be customised depending on your moods and personal preferences with, changing your home environment to suit your life. Want to be able to go to sleep? Perhaps a warm red light in your bedroom would help you relax best. Want to create a party environment? Perhaps set every light in the house to a different colour? It's now completely up to you. 

The wireless Lightify system can have more lights added to it at any time, with a maximum of 50 lamps on the network. All those lamps controlled by one app. Installation is extremely simple, plug and play and thats all there is to it. 

'Lightify will change you interaction with light. Forever.' 

LIGHTIFY RGB color worlds'Infinite worlds of colours' - The lightify app can change your lighting colour to several different white tones as well as 16 million different colours. The app displays the different colours in a circle so you can continuously select an almost unlimited supply of colours. Out of these colours you can chose your favourites and modify these at any time.LIGHTIFY Color Picker from OSRAM

Colour Picker - Not only do you have 16 million colours literally at your fingertips, you can use the colour picker to select a colour in a photo or picture that you like and set your lights to that in just a couple of clicks. 

Memory - If you create a particular lighting atmosphere that you favour, you can save it and whenever you want to use it again you can at any time.  This way your lighting is even more personal to you. 

'Pre-Set lighting Scene' -  On top of all those features, you can utilise the pre-set lighting scenes that are saved in the app. If you need to create a relaxed home environment after a long, stressful day at work you can change your home into the ulimate relaxation zone by using the pre set scene, 'relax'. If you simply need a bit of waking up, you can change your lights to an activating bluish light scene called 'active'. 
If you are on the road a lot of the time you can pre-set lighting sequences before you leave and have individual control of this anywhere in the world. Lightify features the 'presence simulation', activate this before you go on the road and the lighting in your home will simulate your absence. 

You can control Lightify via the app at any time, anywhere in the world, all you need is mobile internet access. The possibilities really are endless with Lightify. 

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