Wednesday, 29 January 2014

CoreLine, the clear choice for LED lighting

CoreLine, Philips’ latest LED range offer stylish, energy efficient, affordable and easy to install lighting solutions. These can be used as replacements for traditional lighting technologies across various applications.

LED, the latest innovation in the world of lighting, allows lamps longer lifetimes, reducing both maintenance and part replacement. LED lamps are the most sustainable lighting solution and boast energy savings of up to 75% when compared with their traditional lighting counterparts.

The CoreLine range’s high quality and light levels enable ‘hole-for-hole’ replacement of similar traditional lighting fixtures. Replacement is as simple as removing the old fitting and popping in your new innovative LED CoreLine solution. There is virtually no need for expensive rewiring or new ceiling configurations when using the CoreLine range.

With their ease of installation, coupled with their high quality finish the CoreLine range is the only choice for LEDs.  The CoreLine range boasts eight cutting edge products; recessed, surface mounted, downlight, spot, waterproof, batten, trunking and high-bay lighting systems.
CoreLine Recessed LED Panel 
CoreLine Surface-mounted

CoreLine recessed and surface-mounted luminaires are available in both 42 and 31 watts in colour temperatures, 3000K and 4000K with a lifetime of 30,000 hours. These general lighting LED luminaires enable a simple switch from conventional luminaires and together with their controls offer energy savings of up to 50%!

CoreLine Downlight
The CoreLine LED downlights can be used for general lighting, corridor lighting and indoor circulation areas, they are available in both 14 and 27 watts, colour temperatures 3000 and 4000K with a lifetime of 30,000 hours. As with all CoreLine products these downlights enable a simple switch from traditional CFL luminaires, offering three times more lamp life than CFL lamps with energy savings of up to 60%.

CoreLine Spot
Philips CoreLine Spot lights commonly installed in hospitality areas, public area, lobby/reception areas, display racks, corridors and washrooms. These lamps are available in 4 and 6 watts with colour temperatures of 2700 and 4000K, the 4 watt lamp has a lamplife of 25,000 hours and the 6 watt 40,000 hours. The benefits of using a CoreLine spot include an 80% energy saving, 20 times more lamplife, and a dimmable option.

CoreLine Waterproof
CoreLine Waterproof LED batons suitable for use in parking garages, warehouses and general lighting. LED batons are available in 19, 23, 41, 29, 57 watts with a colour temperature 4000K and have a lifetime of 50,000 hours. The CoreLine batons utilise reliable LED technology and are maintenance free, can be used as a direct substitute to conventional waterproofs in light performance, ease of installation, flexibility and length.

CoreLine Batten
CoreLine LED battens which can be used for general lighting applications, assembly lines and cove lighting are available in 20 and 40 watts with a colour temperature of 3000 and 4000K and lifetime of a 30,000 hours. This frosted diffuser is maintenance free due to its reliable LED technology and can be used as a direct substitute to conventional battens matching them in light performance, installation, flexibility and length.

CoreLine Trunking
CoreLine LED trunking’s power ranges from 40 – 70 watts in colour temperatures 4000 and 3000K with a lifetime of 50,000 hours; it is suitable for application in supermarkets, warehouses and assembly areas. With its excellent beam shaping, fantastic energy costs and long life time, this luminaire boasts the best lumens per £ in LED light trunking.

CoreLine High-bay
CoreLine’s range of High Bay luminaires have a high and consistent CRI gives  the lamps an improved quality of light making them ideal for applications in warehouse, industry and major halls. CoreLine High Bay luminaires are available in 110 and 210 watts with a colour temperature of 4000K and lifetime of 50,000 hours. These high bay luminaires enable a simple switch from conventional luminaires to LED luminaires, in comparison with HPI HighBays these LED lamps require significantly less maintenance and have energy savings of up to 50%.

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Philips' Eco Passport Makes Going Green Simple

As members of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the United Nations Global Compact, Philips are dedicated to developing, promoting and marketing energy efficient solutions across the market. As part of their green initiative Philips' products all have their very own Eco Passport.

Introduced in 1994, Philips' Eco Design initiative aims to deal with all phases of product development and create products that offer better environmental performance. Philips offer products that can help reduce costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions, their green logo (pictured on the right) identifies products which have a significantly better environmental performance than their competitors or predecessors.

All Philips products have an Eco Passport which is an overview of the products environmental specifications. Eco Passports enable consumers to make simple choices about the products they buy and the impact they have before, during and at the end of their life cycle, Philips Eco Passports consider the following Green Focal areas…

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Coming Soon: Philips Hue LED Lighting System

Philips’ latest lighting innovation will soon be available to purchase directly from The LED Specialist.

Hue is much more than just a lamp, it is a home LED lighting system with its very own app. Hue allows you to change the tone, contrast and colour of the lamps to create your ideal lighting mood using your smart phone or tablet.
Hue lamps can be purchased individually or as part of the Philips Hue Starter Pack. The starter pack contains three lamps and a bridge which connects the lighting system to you wireless router. Once you have screwed in the lamps and connected the bridge all that’s left to do is download the Hue app. The Huapp is available from the Apple app store, it allows you to control the lamps wherever you want, whenever you want. You can play around with the tone, contrast and colour creating a multitude of different lighting moods.
Hue lamps are compatible with most sockets; they use 80% less power than a traditional incandescent lamp. You can connect up to 50 Hue lamps to a single system however Philips recommends that three lamps can sufficiently illuminate a room. Each lamp delivers 600 lumens and emits all shades of white as well as a rainbow of bright colours.

Using the colour picker on your smart device, Hue can help you relive your happiest memories. Simply chose a photo and use the colour picker to select the colour you want your lamps to emit and voila!

Hue offers a range of different pre-set lighting recipes including the concentrate recipe which is designed to keep you focused and alert for longer. There is also the relax recipe, perfect for when you want to unwind after a hard day at the office, this sets light to a yellow-white  tone which has been scientifically proven to have a calming effect.

You can tune dime and control Hue from anywhere. You’ll never come home to dark empty house whilst Hue’s around, simply set the lights to come on in your preferred shade just before you return home. You can also set timers to help you gradually wake up in the mornings and set them to change with the pace of your day.

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Monday, 20 January 2014

New to The LED Specialist: Integral Retrofit LED Lamps

Integral's LED division have teamed up with Simply LED to create their innovative range of 92 retrofit LED lamps which are now available to purchase directly from The LED Specialist

Integral LED's are of the highest quality; all components are sourced from reputable manufacturers who exhibit sleek designs and high quality. To ensure their lamps out perform their competitors, Integral test each lamp in their in-house lighting lab. 

All Integral LED lamps are reasonably priced, they come in attractive packaging with easy to read icons and images to help consumers make an informed purchase. 

The range of Integral LED's currently available on The LED Specialist website include, GU10's in warm and cool white with both dimmable and non-dimmable capabilities. Integral LED candles also avaiable on our website are an ideal replacement for 40w incandescent lamps. Candles are available in both BC and ES caps. 

Integral are rapidly expanding their LED range so watch this space for more new and product updates!

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dimming additions and longer lamp life for Megaman’s Professional LED range…

Megaman have added a number of new products to their range of Professional LED lamps. Lamps in the Professional LED range have life of up to 50,000 hours; deliver superior lighting performance; have low maintenance costs; low power consumption and produce excellent lighting output in a variety of applications.

8 watt MR16
6 watt MR16
Newcomers to the Professional MR16 range include dimmable versions of their existing   6 and 8 watt non-dimmable lamps with GU5.3 caps. Lamps can be purchased in either warm white or cool white with choice of a 24 degree or 36 degree beam angle.

The Classic section of the Professional range now features a new improved version of its 8 watt lamp in an 8.5 watt. The original 11 watt has been surpassed by the new and improved 10.5 watt which offers equivalent lumens and a lower wattage. Both lamps are available in an E27 or B22 base.
8.5 and 10.5 watt Classic
Megaman have also added two new products to their economy range. This range is designed for use in domestic applications. The latest additions are the 3.5 watt R50 LED reflector and the 7.5 watt R63 LED reflector, both lamps have a life of 15,000 hours. The lamps feature a 
polished reflective surface behind frosted glass enabling them to produce excellent light quality. All lamps in the Economy range use Megaman's unique "heat sink" design which allows for heat dissapation meaning these lamps emit considerably less heat than their incandescent counterparts.

3.5 watt R50 Reflector
7.5 watt R63 Reflector

These new additions and their existing counterparts can be purchased directly from us here at The LED Specialist for more information visit: 

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How Does it Work? Philips MASTER LED GLS has a yellow cap but emits white light...

The answer to this question is simple: there are no white LED chips, they simply do not exist.

Philips’ MASTER LED GLS lamps have an unusual yellow appearance yet still achieve a colour temperature of 2700k. As soon as the lamp is turned on its yellow appearance disappears. This new innovative lamp is available in 13, 17 and 20w BC and ES caps, is dimmable and has 25,000 hours life.

The lamps colour is enabled by its remote phosphor design. To emit white light, a blue led chip is used and a yellow phosphor is applied over it. The combination of these two colours invokes the phenomenon known as metamerism. Metamerism occurs when our eyes and brain perceive two different but complimentary colours as mixing together to create a third complementary colour.  When the blue light shines through the yellow phosphor it is down-converted into what our eyes perceived to be white light.
Philips MASTER LED's
omnidirectional beam capabilities

The powerful specifically positioned blue LEDs are countered by the yellow phosphor coating producing a bright white omnidirectional light. The light emitted from the lamp can be radiated in any direction, even downwards, allowing it to emulate an incandescent lamp.

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Improved Light Quality, 18% Energy Savings, 12 Month Projected Payback, All Thanks To LED Lighting

The 5 star Hyatt Regency London- The Churchill boasts 434 of the finest rooms in London’s West End. Being a member of the Hyatt group, The Churchill aims to meet the group’s energy reduction goals; part of this initiative is an LED switch-over. 

Working in partnership with our sister company Lightsave Fuller Read, The Churchill found that through replacing existing halogen lamps in corridors and bedrooms with LEDs from approved supplier Philips, they would receive a fast return on their investment.

Ian Odendaal, Hyatt’s Director of Engineering said: “Before the project could proceed we needed to demonstrate to the hotel management that there would be significant financial savings, while our lighting designers also had some reservations about using LED lighting. Working with Philips and Lightsave Fuller Read we were able to appease these concerns.”

Alan Kilford of Lightsave Fuller Read added: “Around 5,000 35w GU10 halogen lamps have now been replaced, using Philips MASTER LED 4w LED lamps with a 2700k colour temperature and a beam angle of 40 degrees. Some older LED lighting has also been upgraded to new Philips LED lamps as the original lamps did not have consistent colour appearance.”

The switch-over means The Churchill will now benefit from reduced energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. “We calculate energy consumption on a month-by-month basis as it varies with factors such as occupancy levels and usage. These figures indicate energy savings ranging from 12% to 18% per month and we anticipate a return on investment within 12 months,” Ian Odendaal explained.

“There are also maintenance benefits. We were replacing around 550 lamps per month and this has now reduced to 50- these being the compact fluorescent lamps still used in bedside lamps,” he added.

The lighting project has resulted in improved aesthetics as well as a reduction in energy and carbon consumption. “There is a big improvement in the look and feel of the lighting. The halogen lighting was quite harsh but the LEDs give a warmer feel and soften the appearance of the wallpaper and carpets,” Ian Odendaal enthused. “We were very pleased with the support we received from Philips and Lightsave Fuller Read throughout the project,” he concluded.  

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Harrod’s New Sparkling Energy Saving Solution

The Wedgewood concessions in Harrods got its sparkle back thanks to Philips new lighting innovation, the lotus lens.

Making the switch from existing halogen lamps to LED candles has resulted in a 74% reduction in installed electrical load, reduced maintenance requirements and considerably lower heat gains.

Wedgewood, a luxury home and lifestyle brand light their retail space using chandeliers that are also part of their lighting product range. The chandeliers must look their best, providing good lighting in order to attract customers.

 “When the Wedgwood concession was opened the chandeliers were fitted with 15 watt halogen candle lamps,” recalled Harrods Engineering Technical Manager Mark Fleming.
 “These provided the required visual effect but their high heat output meant the air conditioning was unable to maintain comfortable conditions. The inherent inefficiency of halogen lamps also meant that energy was being wasted,” he continued.

At first the 208 halogen lamps were replaced with standard LED candles, sadly these failed to match the sparkling appearance of the previous halogen light source. Philips then presented Harrods with the new MASTER LED candle which features a diamond shaped acrylic lotus lens specially designed to provide extra sparkle. Through replacing the old 15 watt halogen lamps with 4 watt MASTER LED candles, Harrods has reduced both its electrical load and energy consumption. Due to the removal of the high heat halogen lamps, this switch has also reduced the energy consumption of the air conditioning. Another benefit of the LED switch-over is down to the MASTER LED’s 20,000 hour life span, increasing the period between lamp replacements and saving on maintenance costs.

Harrods Engineering Technical Manager Mark Fleming says: “The chandeliers now look brilliant and the shop floor staff is very happy with the new candle lamps. We will be specifying them for all of the chandeliers throughout the store in the future”.

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