Monday, 3 August 2015

COMING SOON! The New Philips Master 5.4W GU10. Available for Pre-Order

The newest product to be added to the Philips lighting range is the 5.4W Master GU10, this is new 50W equivalent that supersedes the  extremely popular Philips Master 5.5W GU10. In addition to the superb new design of this lamp, this 'upgrade' also offers a longer lifetime, a better colour and a higher lumen output for a lesser wattage. 

We have compared the two products in colour 830 40° and 930 40°  so that you can see the differences between the two. 

Product specification of Philips Master 5.5W GU10 830K 40°
375 Lumens
Instant Full Light
Equivalent to 50W
Dimensions: Length 55mm x Diameter 50mm
40,000 Hour Lifetime

Colour 830

Product Specification of Philips 5.4W GU10 930 40°

378 Lumens
Instant Full Light
Equivalent to 50W
Dimensions: L57mm x Diameter 50mm
50,000 Hour Lifetime
Colour 930
Improved Lens Design

So, the main differences between these two lamps is the increase in lifetime, the higher lumens, the new design and the new colour of 930 instead of 830. The colour 930 is considered a much better colour due to it being higher up the colour spectrum. With all specification taken into account, we can safely say that this new 5.4W GU10 is a much better product than the 5.5W GU10 it has superseded. 

We currently have in stock the 5.4W GU10 in colour 940 40, please click here to order. The other colours and degree beams are available for pre-order. Please email or call us on 0118 950 7125. 

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