Thursday, 12 December 2013

How We’ve Helped 21 Principal Hayley Hotels Across the UK Reduce Their Energy Consumption….

The LED Specialist and our sister company Lightsave Fuller Read, Philips preferred supplier for their LED products helped our client, Principal Haley Hotels and Conference Venues embark on an energy saving initiative.

Principle Hayley Hotels and Conference Venues operate an eclectic collection of hotels across the UK. Venues range from Gothic manor houses to slick city centre hotels to purpose-built conference and training venues. To adhere to the company’s strong sustainability policy and keep in line with standards laid down by the Green Tourism Business Scheme, the Principal Hayley Group has laid out a number of initiatives to reduce their environmental impact.

Principle Hayley, compares daily energy consumption with the same day of the previous year, this has established a high level of energy-awareness amongst their staff. Any anomalies identified through these comparisons are flagged up to senior staff and fully investigated meaning Principal Hayley venues are achieving maximum energy efficiency.

A major challenge when reducing the lighting energy consumption was that lighting varies a great deal from one site to another. Lightsave Fuller Read had to find a light source which would complement the unique character of each building whilst keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

Due to his wealth of experience with lighting before joining Principal Hayley, the companies Head of Property Management, Gregor MacNoughton had already identified Philips LEDs as the light sources that would meet his essential yet varied criteria. “I worked closely with our lighting supplier Lightsave Fuller Read to identify the areas where upgrading lighting would deliver a sensible return on investment, and with which lamps.”

Lightsave Fuller Read’s Alan Kilford explains how he tackled this project: “We looked at areas that were using light sources of over 20w and burning for more than 12 hours per day. Lamps within this group would provide a payback within two years based solely on energy consumption. The areas encompassed in this project included: restaurants, bars, corridors, kitchens and back of house areas. Philips’ Master LED range was ideal for this roll-out project as the lamps offer, long lamp life, a range of beam angles, a good colour rendering index and the company boasts excellent technical support.”

After each area had been identified, Alan was faced with the task of selecting the most suitable LED lamps for each individual setting. The nature of the buildings and the previous lighting meant the new Lightsave Fuller Read recommended light sources ranged from 7w replacements for 50w GU10 halogen lamps through to LED tubes to replace fluorescent lamps in kitchen and back of house areas.

Completion of this lighting project has resulted in Principal Hayley significantly reducing their installed lighting electrical load, energy costs and associated carbon emissions. The long life of Philips Master LED lamps means maintenance and replacement costs of lamps are significantly reduced. The lighting upgrade is expected to yield an overall reduction in energy consumption of 10% in the next 12 months.

The lamps used in this project can all be found at our website or call our office to speak to one of our informed, friendly sales executives 0118 950 7125. 

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