Thursday, 2 January 2014

Harrod’s New Sparkling Energy Saving Solution

The Wedgewood concessions in Harrods got its sparkle back thanks to Philips new lighting innovation, the lotus lens.

Making the switch from existing halogen lamps to LED candles has resulted in a 74% reduction in installed electrical load, reduced maintenance requirements and considerably lower heat gains.

Wedgewood, a luxury home and lifestyle brand light their retail space using chandeliers that are also part of their lighting product range. The chandeliers must look their best, providing good lighting in order to attract customers.

 “When the Wedgwood concession was opened the chandeliers were fitted with 15 watt halogen candle lamps,” recalled Harrods Engineering Technical Manager Mark Fleming.
 “These provided the required visual effect but their high heat output meant the air conditioning was unable to maintain comfortable conditions. The inherent inefficiency of halogen lamps also meant that energy was being wasted,” he continued.

At first the 208 halogen lamps were replaced with standard LED candles, sadly these failed to match the sparkling appearance of the previous halogen light source. Philips then presented Harrods with the new MASTER LED candle which features a diamond shaped acrylic lotus lens specially designed to provide extra sparkle. Through replacing the old 15 watt halogen lamps with 4 watt MASTER LED candles, Harrods has reduced both its electrical load and energy consumption. Due to the removal of the high heat halogen lamps, this switch has also reduced the energy consumption of the air conditioning. Another benefit of the LED switch-over is down to the MASTER LED’s 20,000 hour life span, increasing the period between lamp replacements and saving on maintenance costs.

Harrods Engineering Technical Manager Mark Fleming says: “The chandeliers now look brilliant and the shop floor staff is very happy with the new candle lamps. We will be specifying them for all of the chandeliers throughout the store in the future”.

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