Thursday, 27 March 2014

How LED lighting can benefit your University- Graduate with a first class honours in lighting!

With recent cuts in government funding now taking effect, there has never been a more ample time for Universities to invest in LED lighting technology. Effective lighting technology can improve the quality of your environment, help meet sustainability goals and improve the well-being of your staff and students. Investing in LED lighting and control systems will bring immediate benefits including; reduced energy consumption and on-going maintenance costs.

Lighting equates to around a quarter of a University’s energy bill, this figure can be reduced by using energy efficient LED lighting and lighting management systems. Monitoring energy use across an entire University is no easy task; it is difficult to know how much energy is being consumed by each area and how to minimise this. Installing a lighting management system allows you to see and monitor lighting energy consumption within each area. Using this information, you can then consider how this consumption could be reduced, taking into account which areas are being occupied, for what, and how frequently. In areas where permanent lighting is unnecessary, presence detection sensors, timed switching, dimming and or daylight harvesting strategies could be utilised to drive down energy consumption and cost.

Some of the benefits of using energy efficient lighting are not immediately obvious; for example by ensuring lighting is only turned on when it is needed, less heat is generated and therefore less air conditioning is required. An overall reduction in lighting use means reduced energy consumption, lower emissions, smaller energy bills and a “greener” carbon footprint.

In today’s competitive environment, attractive LED lighting can help reinforce your brand image, strengthening your appeal to students, parents and business partners alike. Due to increased environmental awareness, choosing a “green University” may be an important factor for the next generation of students, there fore the lower your carbon footprint the more attractive your University will become. Likewise, business partners will be more likely to invest in research facilities or hire spaces available for corporate events if the University’s environmental policy matches that of their company.

Creating the right environment for learning is an essential goal for any University, their aim is to create spaces that are comfortable for students and lecturers which are also flexible enough to suit different tutorial needs. Using intelligent LED lighting the same space can be used for a multitude of activities; a space can be altered, literally with the flick of a switch transforming it into a completely different environment. Flexible LED lighting can be used to:

  •          Project you University colours - reinforcing your brand identity
  •          Give public spaces a WOW factor- making a lasting impression on students and their parents
  •          Support themes and events around campus throughout the year
  •          Create attractive, high-tech spaces to hire- attracting commercial interest
  •          Transform a simple lecture theatre into a multimedia theatre
  •          Stimulate students when energy is low by altering frequency and intensity of the lighting
  •          Calm hyperactive students during lectures again, by altering the frequency and intensity of the lighting

Using LED lighting products can help transform your University environment. LED lighting is an investment which will start to repay itself the moment it is installed; that’s good news for you, good news for your budget, your staff, your students and your carbon footprint.

For more information or to begin your LED switch-over visit our website or call the office to speak to one of our informed lighting specialists 0118 950 7125

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