Monday, 10 March 2014

Integral Lighting Unveil Their New Range of LED Panels

The Imandra range from Integral contains eight LED panels; using simple design and no-nonsense engineering, these luminaries deliver a superior and efficient light output at a competitive price.These retrofit panels are perfect for customers looking to reduce the overhead costs of LED lighting; they have a high build quality and under-cut the competition in terms of prices. The panels are delivered complete with an integrated driver, it's push-fit connector enables quick and easy installation and reduces maintenance costs. 

Using the latest LED technology Integral Imandra panels offer a range of solutions for recessed installation in a wide range of commercial applications where a suspended grid ceiling is installed. The panels are back-lit with LEDs aligned vertically across the whole face of the unit providing a beam angle of 110°. The luminaires produce an even density of computer-screen friendly light making them ideal for applications including offices, meeting rooms, corridors, communal areas, schools and retail. 

The Integral Imandra panel range contains panels with dimension of 600 x 600 and 1200 x 600; the 600 x 600 range is available in 35 and 40 watt, producing 3200 and 3800 lumens respectively. The 1200 x 600 panels are available in either 70 or 90 watts producing 6500 and 7800 lumens respectively.  

The luminaires emit a cool white light (4000k) and provide a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. Panels are finished with a polycarbonate diffuser which has been tested by a UK based laboratory and passes BS782-0:2004 Method 508A as required by safely regulations. The Imandra range also contains panels with an emergency back-up version compliant with fire exit and escape regulations. The integrated emergency function ensures that in the event of a mains power failure the panel will continue emitting light for a minimum of three hours.

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