Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Simply LED, for Sheffield Simply Food Store

Marks and Spencer’s Simply Food store in Sheffield is the first store within the UK to be lit using only LED lighting making it M&S’s most sustainable store. The store’s sustainable, bright, enticing lighting is achieved by combining Philips’ LED luminaires with Philips’ Dynalite management control system.

Philips Dynalite Control System
The LED lighting has been installed in across the store’s car park areas, back of house and shop floor, and has given the store energy savings of 25-30%. The installation of the new Philips Dynalite control system could further increase these savings!

In addition to these initial energy savings, thanks to the LED’s long lamp life, the store will also benefit from reduced maintenance costs as the need for re-lamping will be eradicated. Another benefit to the installation of LED lighting is there will be no discharge lamps to dispose of, meaning M&S avoid incurring WEEE charges.

Philips Maxos Trunking
Customers will be enticed into the store’s entrance due to the lighting ambiance created by Philips Blast and Graze luminaires. The remainder of lighting within the store is produced through a combination of Maxos trunking and StyliD fixtures. The store’s food chillers are all fitted with the latest generation of warm white LED modules; these make the merchandise look as attractive as possible. LED fittings and wall marker lights illuminate the store’s outdoor areas, creating a pleasant and safe environment in the car parks. 

Philips StyliD
To make maximum use of the natural daylight which pours in through the windows, M&S have utilised the daylight harvesting setting offered by Philip’s Dynalite control system. The daylight harvesting setting follows the rhythm of natural daylight and automatically dims the luminaires within each area ensuring a constant level of light is maintained in each working space. The control system can also be set so it switches off entirely as the daylight takes overs, further increasing the store’s energy savings. 

Alison Burnley, Store Manager at M&S Simply Foods Sheffield said: “We are delighted to be opening  this new Sustainable Learning Store in Sheffield which is the most environmentally friendly store M&S has ever built. The eco friendly Philips lighting systems we have in place have contributed to this and ensure that we create a fresh modern shopping environment for our customers.” 

Without a doubt, employing such initiatives as LED dimming and daylight harvesting M&S is one step closer  to achieving its ambitious energy reduction targets, setting an example to us all.

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