Tuesday, 8 April 2014

It's not a fixture, it's not a lamp, it's Philips' OneSpace luminious ceiling

Philips lighting have once again shown astounding creativity with LED technology, their OneSpace luminaire literally fills the entire ceiling with homogenous white light. American author and professor of biochemistry, Issac Asimov predicted the creation of this luminaire in a 1964 New York Times article discussing the technology of the future, he wrote: "By 2014, electroluminescent panels will be in common use, ceilings and walls will glow softy...". 

OneSpace by Philips integrates LED lights with textile; this combination creates a white light ceiling surface and hides the light source completely. OneSpace luminaires create a smooth, clutter-free ceiling which emits a uniform, glare-free light.

Philips lighting representative, Antoon Martens said: "This innovation will redefine how light can be used in architecture and design. Light is now an architectural component - it is no longer an add on in a space. The ceiling is not often seen as a designer element - now, it is transformed by this minimalistic ultra-thin panel of light into a design statement."

Philips' OneSpace luminous ceiling plays a duel role as both the lighting and the ceiling itself, meaning no additional ceiling is required. This luminaire uses LEDs which are closely positioned in a mesh like arrangement; the LEDs are combined with textiles to create sound absorbing panels which emits Philips' signature homogenous light quality. The OneSpace luminous ceiling adheres to all UK building and safety requirements, making installation a breeze. 

Architects who were involved in validating the OneSpace luminous ceiling described its effect as being "peaceful", "serene", and "sky-like". The white light emitted from the ceiling recalls the feeling of natural daylight. It is especially suited for car show rooms, flagship retail stores and public spaces including airports, hotels and conference facilities. 

The OneSpace ceiling has dimming capabilities, may be used as a safety lighting, can be connected to the buildings lighting management systems enabling centralised on, off control and therefore saves energy. The OneSpace ceiling is available in customised sizes up to 10 x 3 metres, providing maximum freedom of design, creating a striking and calm space while also serving as functional lighting. 

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