Tuesday, 22 April 2014

New to The LED Specialist: Danlers RESLOADE

This latest addition to our stock is a resistive load designed to eliminate lamp instability and flicker which often occurs when non-resistive loads such as LED lamps are dimmed. This product is also compatible with compact fluorescent lamps and dimmable transformers which are prone to the same instability as LED lamps.

The RESLOADE is designed to be used with Danlers Grid trailing edge dimmers (DQDGD) when dimming LED lamps and any other use of this product will invalidate its warrantee. The RESLOADE must be connected to Earth. For direct mains dimmable lamps the RESLOADE is connected at a suitable light fitting, in parallel across the load, between the dimmed variable live and neutral. For mains dimmable transformers the RESLOADE is connected across the primary (variable mains input) side of the transformer.

The RESLOADE is designed to be placed in the ceiling void and can be passed through a 63mm diameter cut-out, the typical size for down lighters. The RESLOADE has an effective load of 10w and an operating temperature of approximately 40°c above ambient. It should be installed where air flow is not restricted. It should not be covered by insulating materials or positioned near any heat sources or heat sensitive objects. 

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