Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Guide To The Specification of LED Lighting Products- Part 4 of 4

Luminaire Manufacturers Design Data

When evaluating LED luminaire performance claims it is important to compare a standardised set of quality criteria measured in compliance with the appropriate standard. 

Luminaire Manufacturers Design Data

These quality criteria are designed to ensure that performance claims can be matched
against traceable data.

This data is summarised below:

    1) Rated input power (in W)
    2) Rated luminous flux (in lm)
     3) LED luminaire efficacy (in lm/W)
    4) Luminous intensity distribution
    5) Photometric code
        5a) Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT in K)
        5b) Rated Colour Rendering Index (CRI)
        5c) Rated chromaticity co-ordinate values (initial and maintained)
        5d) Maintained Luminous Flux
    6) Rated life (in h) of the LED module and the associated rated lumen maintenance (Lx)
    7) Failure fraction (Fy), corresponding to the rated life of the LED module in the luminaire
    8) Ambient temperature (ta) luminaire
    9) Power Factor
    10) Intensity Distribution
    11) Drive Current
    12) Optical Risk

Product Types; Safety Standards and Performance Standards

Product Type
Safety Standard
Performance Standard
Self-ballasted LED lamps for general lighting services >50v
IEC 62560 Edition 1Publication expected 2010
IEC 62612/PAS Publicly Available Specification
Control gear for LED modules
IEC 61347-2-13 Published 2006
IEC 62384 Published 2006
LED modules for general lighting
IEC 62031 Edition 1 Publication 2008
IEC/PAS 62717 Published 2011
LED luminaires
IEC 60598-1
IEC/PAS 62722-2-1 Ed. 1: Luminaire performance – Part 2-1: Particular requirements for LED
LEDs and LED modules
ICE TS 62504 Terms and Definitions for LEDs and LED modules in general lighting
CIE technical committees
TC2-46 CIE/ISO Standards on LED intensity measurements
TC2-50 Measurement of the optical properties of LED clusters and arrays
TC2-58 Measurement of LED radiance and luminance
TC2-63 Optical measurement of High-Power LEDs
TC2-64 High speed testing methods for LEDs

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