Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Philips unveil their Sensor-Ready system for connected office lighting

Philips’ Sensor-Ready system uses LEDs which are powered over Ethernet; the system provides building owners and facility managers a plethora of useful data about their properties.

After the positive feedback Philips received about their Li-Fi system for retail stores, the Dutch conglomerate unveiled this clever indoor lighting solution for the office.

At the Light +Building show in Frankfurt, Germany, Philips proudly displayed their connected office -lighting system. The system’s LEDs are wired up to the buildings IT network, power is provided by the Ethernet which produces just enough juice for low power LEDs, the system can also include sensors for monitoring humidity and temperature, as well as for judging when a room is occupied or not.

Similar to Li-Fi, the lights can also act as a positioning grid helping people navigate the office layout. The lights again are able to communicate through a downloadable smartphone app, the fixtures can track the user’s whereabouts and help recommend for example the nearest vacant meeting room. Using the app, staff are able to easily adjust the lighting and temperature of the room they’re in via Philips’ office lighting app.

This innovative system enables building owners and facility managers to measure occupancy levels and energy usage, Philips’ software displays these is an easy to read format ensuring consumers benefit from all aspects of the connected lighting system. Using information collected by the app, managers and owners can easily decide when certain area need to be heated, how often specific rooms need cleaning and which rooms need to be lit and when.

When asked about the benefits of this lighting system, Philips spokesman Menno Kleingeld said: “It’s gathering a large database of information for various fixtures for facility managers, to make their life easier.” He went on to discuss how in addition to the energy saving benefits, the system may also provide a security benefit by sensing when someone is in a room which should not be occupied.

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