Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Philips Unveil Their Spring Collection: iColor Flex gen2

Philip iColor Flex MX gen2
iColor Flex gen2 luminaires are flexible strands of large high-intensity LED nodes with intelligent colour light. These luminaires can be used when designers require high brightness RGB direct-view accent lighting, or need to design creative mid/low resolution video displays, or even as RGB low profile outdoor/cove accent lighting.

All iColor Flex gen2 nodes on the flexible strand is individually controllable, providing the ultimate flexibility in lighting design and ambiance. The flexible strings fit nearly any architecture meaning they are suitable for all kinds of application. The flexibility offered by iColor Flex gen2 luminaires is current unrivalled, enabling users to customize node count and spacing. In comparison to their predecessor, iColor Flex gen1, the gen2 luminaires offer twice the brightness using the same power level.
Philips iColor Flex LMX gen2

These luminaires offer superior light output of up to 2.6 candelas. They have multiple lens options, including both clear and translucent domes. The strands can be mounted directly to a surface much like traditional string lights. The iColor Flex gen2 luminaires are compatible with most industry leading controls including Philips' Video System Manager Pro, Light System Manager, and iPlayer 3.

The iColor Flex gen2 comes in two options: iColor Flex MX gen2 and iColor Flex LMX gen2. Below is a table of thier specifications provided by Philips lighting.

Philips iColor Flex LMX gen2

Philips iColor Flex MX gen2

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