Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How Does it Work? Philips MASTER LED GLS has a yellow cap but emits white light...

The answer to this question is simple: there are no white LED chips, they simply do not exist.

Philips’ MASTER LED GLS lamps have an unusual yellow appearance yet still achieve a colour temperature of 2700k. As soon as the lamp is turned on its yellow appearance disappears. This new innovative lamp is available in 13, 17 and 20w BC and ES caps, is dimmable and has 25,000 hours life.

The lamps colour is enabled by its remote phosphor design. To emit white light, a blue led chip is used and a yellow phosphor is applied over it. The combination of these two colours invokes the phenomenon known as metamerism. Metamerism occurs when our eyes and brain perceive two different but complimentary colours as mixing together to create a third complementary colour.  When the blue light shines through the yellow phosphor it is down-converted into what our eyes perceived to be white light.
Philips MASTER LED's
omnidirectional beam capabilities

The powerful specifically positioned blue LEDs are countered by the yellow phosphor coating producing a bright white omnidirectional light. The light emitted from the lamp can be radiated in any direction, even downwards, allowing it to emulate an incandescent lamp.

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