Wednesday, 29 January 2014

CoreLine, the clear choice for LED lighting

CoreLine, Philips’ latest LED range offer stylish, energy efficient, affordable and easy to install lighting solutions. These can be used as replacements for traditional lighting technologies across various applications.

LED, the latest innovation in the world of lighting, allows lamps longer lifetimes, reducing both maintenance and part replacement. LED lamps are the most sustainable lighting solution and boast energy savings of up to 75% when compared with their traditional lighting counterparts.

The CoreLine range’s high quality and light levels enable ‘hole-for-hole’ replacement of similar traditional lighting fixtures. Replacement is as simple as removing the old fitting and popping in your new innovative LED CoreLine solution. There is virtually no need for expensive rewiring or new ceiling configurations when using the CoreLine range.

With their ease of installation, coupled with their high quality finish the CoreLine range is the only choice for LEDs.  The CoreLine range boasts eight cutting edge products; recessed, surface mounted, downlight, spot, waterproof, batten, trunking and high-bay lighting systems.
CoreLine Recessed LED Panel 
CoreLine Surface-mounted

CoreLine recessed and surface-mounted luminaires are available in both 42 and 31 watts in colour temperatures, 3000K and 4000K with a lifetime of 30,000 hours. These general lighting LED luminaires enable a simple switch from conventional luminaires and together with their controls offer energy savings of up to 50%!

CoreLine Downlight
The CoreLine LED downlights can be used for general lighting, corridor lighting and indoor circulation areas, they are available in both 14 and 27 watts, colour temperatures 3000 and 4000K with a lifetime of 30,000 hours. As with all CoreLine products these downlights enable a simple switch from traditional CFL luminaires, offering three times more lamp life than CFL lamps with energy savings of up to 60%.

CoreLine Spot
Philips CoreLine Spot lights commonly installed in hospitality areas, public area, lobby/reception areas, display racks, corridors and washrooms. These lamps are available in 4 and 6 watts with colour temperatures of 2700 and 4000K, the 4 watt lamp has a lamplife of 25,000 hours and the 6 watt 40,000 hours. The benefits of using a CoreLine spot include an 80% energy saving, 20 times more lamplife, and a dimmable option.

CoreLine Waterproof
CoreLine Waterproof LED batons suitable for use in parking garages, warehouses and general lighting. LED batons are available in 19, 23, 41, 29, 57 watts with a colour temperature 4000K and have a lifetime of 50,000 hours. The CoreLine batons utilise reliable LED technology and are maintenance free, can be used as a direct substitute to conventional waterproofs in light performance, ease of installation, flexibility and length.

CoreLine Batten
CoreLine LED battens which can be used for general lighting applications, assembly lines and cove lighting are available in 20 and 40 watts with a colour temperature of 3000 and 4000K and lifetime of a 30,000 hours. This frosted diffuser is maintenance free due to its reliable LED technology and can be used as a direct substitute to conventional battens matching them in light performance, installation, flexibility and length.

CoreLine Trunking
CoreLine LED trunking’s power ranges from 40 – 70 watts in colour temperatures 4000 and 3000K with a lifetime of 50,000 hours; it is suitable for application in supermarkets, warehouses and assembly areas. With its excellent beam shaping, fantastic energy costs and long life time, this luminaire boasts the best lumens per £ in LED light trunking.

CoreLine High-bay
CoreLine’s range of High Bay luminaires have a high and consistent CRI gives  the lamps an improved quality of light making them ideal for applications in warehouse, industry and major halls. CoreLine High Bay luminaires are available in 110 and 210 watts with a colour temperature of 4000K and lifetime of 50,000 hours. These high bay luminaires enable a simple switch from conventional luminaires to LED luminaires, in comparison with HPI HighBays these LED lamps require significantly less maintenance and have energy savings of up to 50%.

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