Saturday, 4 January 2014

Improved Light Quality, 18% Energy Savings, 12 Month Projected Payback, All Thanks To LED Lighting

The 5 star Hyatt Regency London- The Churchill boasts 434 of the finest rooms in London’s West End. Being a member of the Hyatt group, The Churchill aims to meet the group’s energy reduction goals; part of this initiative is an LED switch-over. 

Working in partnership with our sister company Lightsave Fuller Read, The Churchill found that through replacing existing halogen lamps in corridors and bedrooms with LEDs from approved supplier Philips, they would receive a fast return on their investment.

Ian Odendaal, Hyatt’s Director of Engineering said: “Before the project could proceed we needed to demonstrate to the hotel management that there would be significant financial savings, while our lighting designers also had some reservations about using LED lighting. Working with Philips and Lightsave Fuller Read we were able to appease these concerns.”

Alan Kilford of Lightsave Fuller Read added: “Around 5,000 35w GU10 halogen lamps have now been replaced, using Philips MASTER LED 4w LED lamps with a 2700k colour temperature and a beam angle of 40 degrees. Some older LED lighting has also been upgraded to new Philips LED lamps as the original lamps did not have consistent colour appearance.”

The switch-over means The Churchill will now benefit from reduced energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. “We calculate energy consumption on a month-by-month basis as it varies with factors such as occupancy levels and usage. These figures indicate energy savings ranging from 12% to 18% per month and we anticipate a return on investment within 12 months,” Ian Odendaal explained.

“There are also maintenance benefits. We were replacing around 550 lamps per month and this has now reduced to 50- these being the compact fluorescent lamps still used in bedside lamps,” he added.

The lighting project has resulted in improved aesthetics as well as a reduction in energy and carbon consumption. “There is a big improvement in the look and feel of the lighting. The halogen lighting was quite harsh but the LEDs give a warmer feel and soften the appearance of the wallpaper and carpets,” Ian Odendaal enthused. “We were very pleased with the support we received from Philips and Lightsave Fuller Read throughout the project,” he concluded.  

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