Friday, 28 February 2014

International Student House’s Bistro LED Switchover

International Student House (ISH), London accommodates university students and interns from over 100 different countries. ISH is not just a place to stay, it is a social and culture centre which holds lectures, debates, themed suppers and culture nights. The ISH has its very own bistro which by day is a busy modern restaurant transforming into a lively nightclub in the evening. Due to its multipurpose use, the lighting installed in the bistro can often be on for almost 24 hours a day.

ISE is committed to reducing its environmental impact and carbon emissions. As part of an £180,000 refurbishment of the ISH’s ground floor, LED lighting was installed in the bistro area. The LED switchover has doubled lighting levels, reduced power consumption by 84%, delivered savings of over £1,000 per annum and cut carbon emissions by almost 6,300kg a year. The lighting engineers opted to use Philips’ MasterLED bulb, MasterLED spot and Latina LED down-lighters.

MasterLED Spot
Latina LED Down-light
Philips’ Latina down-lighters were installed in the server area as they fit perfectly with its new design. The costly GLS pendant down-lighters in the server area were retrofitted with Philips MasterLED 8 watt lamps. Before the LED switch-over the dining area was lit with over 100 50 watt halogen down-lighters, the replacement lamps needed to illuminate the space during the day and not impact the night club ambiance in the evenings. With energy saving in mind, ISE opted to install Philips MasterLED spot GU10 7 watts lamps and remove the existing energy consuming halogen lamps. 

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