Monday, 17 February 2014

TransforMax – a simple plug and play retrofit solution

Philips’ new patented TransforMax technology enables Philips low voltage LED lamps to universally replace 12v Halogen spot lamps. TransforMax is a unique patented protected intelligent driver concept designed to be used with 12v LED lamps. It enables broad compatibility with existing electronic and electromagnetic Halogen transformers.

Using TransforMax technology without a dimmer

To provide an estimation of how many LED lamps can be connected to an existing halogen transformer, the rated power of the transformer is divided by the LED lamp replacement wattage. For example if you are replacing a 35w halogen lamp with a 7w MR16 lamp and there is a 150w transformer available, the calculation would be 150 ÷ 35 = 4.3 (branch max.). This shows 4 lamps can be attached to this transformer.
Using TransforMax with a dimmer

When the LED lamps are connected to a dimmer it is important to determine the maximum loading of both your transformer(s) and your dimmer in either watts or volt amps. Maximum loading is determined by both the system max. and branch max., the calculation for branch max. is shown above. System max can be calculated by dividing the dimmer rating wattage by the wattage of the equivalent halogen, for example if you have a dimmer rating of 200w and a 35w halogen the system max is 200 ÷ 35 = 5.7 (system max). This shows 5 lamps can be used per dimmer. The total number of lamps you can install is limited by the system max, you must also ensure the transformer load is sufficient to allow for the individual branch max. In the example provided above, although 5 lamps can be attached to the dimmer, the transformer's branch max is 4 lamps and so if 5 lamps were to be attached to this dimmer, two transformers would need to be used. 

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