Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Selfridges’ State-Of-The-Art LED Lighting

A new lighting system was unveiled at Selfridges’ Project Ocean event, this campaign aimed to promote sustainable eating. To ensure its message reached an even wider audience, the luminaires were adapted to give the buildings exterior an under-the-sea effect. Although Philips' initial brief was to only provide a scheme for the external façade on Oxford Street; after seeing the benefits of the PowerCore lighting, Selfridges decided to extend the system to both Duke and Orchard Street.

Sustainability is high on Selfridges’ agenda and so any lighting solution offered to them must deliver significant energy savings. The department store hosts a range of events and projects and so requested a low maintenance, energy saving lighting solution, capable of transforming the department stores façade at the press of a button.

Philips ColorGraze
Philips ColorBlast

Philips ColorReach
Selfridges’ required a lighting system adept at producing a variety of colour and effects, using their unrivalled knowledge of LED lighting Philips opted to install three of their flagship products; ColorReach PowerCore, ColorBlast PowerCore and ColorGraze PowerCore. Selfridges’ key architectural features were highlighted by the ColorReach PowerCore lamps. Because of its compact, low profile design, the ColorGraze PowerCore LED surface linear was used. The brief detailed that architectural lighting was required for both indoor and outdoor applications and so ColorBlast PowerCore luminaires were installed. These have a wide rage of capabilities and can be positioned almost anywhere!

As a listed landmark building, Selfridges’ have strict rules in place governing what can be affixed to the exterior meaning drilling is prohibited. Working closely with Selfridges’ in-house electrical contractor, Philips overcame this obstacle by mounting the luminaires using a special resin.

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