Monday, 3 February 2014

Philips 7 watt MASTER LEDbulb has been given a makeover….

MASTER LEDbulb 7 watt
Convex or Concave?

The MASTER LEDbulb Designer is Philips latest innovation; this new lamp can be combined with either a convex or concave cover enabling you to find the best match for the surrounding décor. This feature is also useful as due to the lamps extended lifetime it may well endure several re-decorations and so covers can been changed to create the desired ambiance of each renovation.

Each MASTER LEDbulb emits warm light similar to that of an incandescent lamp. It's sleek design makes it ideal for application in open fixtures where the lamp is fully visible. Similar to other MASTER LEDbulbs, the Designer lamp has excellent light performance, it is fully dimmable and offers up to 80% energy savings.

This lamp was created with the hospitality and retail industries in mind as within these sectors aesthetic design is especially important.

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