Thursday, 13 February 2014

Put the focus back on your merchandise with Philips AirFlux Technology

AirFlux technology, the latest innovation from Philips, enables lamps to blend seamlessly into the background due to their lightweight, sleek design. This allows object to reveal their true colours and really take centre stage.

AirFlux lamps offer superior visual comfort and maximum performance through use of a single optic. These lamps do not have any distracting heat sink fins and so are 30% lighter than current lamps, their smooth white design means you can instantaneously fit in and forget. 

This new technology keeps the LEDs constantly cool ensuring lamps are emitting light of t he highest quality and colour. Removal of the ventilator means there is more space for the optical lenses and ensures the beam is smooth and inclusion free.

At present, AirFlux technology is available in the following platforms PAR 38, PAR 30S, PAR 30L, PAR 20. These lamps are perfect for downlight applications. 

To purchase yours today visit or call the office on 0118 950 7125 to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales team.

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